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For over 30 years, Eden Oak has been building award-winning homes and communities that families love. It begins with visionary design and finishes with just the right details to create a place you will be proud to own.



Our Company has constructed more than 30 significant developments across the Greater Toronto Area. Eden Oak has built over 5,000 homes. With the construction of the Vellore Park development, Blue Willow, Valley Park in Woodbridge, Estates of Credit Ridge in Brampton, Oak Bay in Port Severn and many more - our company has set itself apart from our competitors.


Part of Eden Oak’s secret is a focus on our people. By putting the theory into practice and focusing on both developing the talents of our staff and top-notch customer service, our firm continues to thrive through tough times.


At Eden Oak, we believe that all employees, in whatever their capacity, have an important contribution to make, both individually and to the team. We look for “fit first before talent and experience.”

View Past Communities

View Past Communities

"I think it’s important for you to know that every Eden Oak employee I have dealt with during the purchase of our home has been nothing but fantastic to deal with.”